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Does your photo memories worth this Christmas

Does your photo memories worth this Christmas?


Valen al pena tus memorias de navidad?

Yes, Christmas portraits is something I enjoy, but post production work is overwhelming, I cant deny, speed up this process and let all behind to be able to delivery all on time so people can share immediately is a big challenge.

But there is nothing worth the time and money that see how photography turns out specially when you do it with your heart.

Trying to figure out how to get each foto a particular feeling is all the work, a nice background is not enough, or a huge production behind a photo, the biggest three or a set full of things brought right from the North Pole and spectacular lights, but if you don’t accomplish your goal, enjoying and make that little person enjoy the shooting, it wont be a photograph

Valen al pena tus memorias de navidad? fotografía a tu familia

If you can really get a real smile, those contagious ones, since they come and then go away; see them on different outfits, chose proms and If needed change the backdrop. Then just then I had an idea of whats is coming next.


With this shooting I can ensure something that I always argue,  I love to produce this kind of shooting in winter, the most simple is the most beautiful, I believe so.

having so much things around may lose the goal, distracting objects may cause not to get the climax of been photographer when It is at least some times necessary to feel like a child, surprise with the simplest things in life just like want to dance without music, spin around apparently or without a reason.

More than happy that post a sneak peak of Sofia xmas portraits, she is simply beautiful.

foto memorias - Valen al pena tus memorias de navidad?

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