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Wedding tips

Wedding Tips

We put 10 years of experience to provide with our best Wedding tips

The best bet is to let your wedding flow as simple as what it is.

What ever happens during the wedding day and It is not what was expected just let it happen smooth, nicely and enjoy.

Open your mind to let spontaneity and beauty  to get you surprise and delight you, make your wedding day  as a real, true, magical and unique day.

Lets start with the wedding tips, make sure you check this planning tools to make things easier!:

Getting Ready for the ceremony

Getting ready is one of the most intimate time before the next stage.

Many things happen before you see your fiancee for the ceremony and he won’t know unless It gets captured, each one of you will be visited by your family and closest friends

As much time a photographer spend with each other of you more memories you will have to cherish, you’ll never know what will happen until you see the other’s photos.

Plan some activities you and your girlfriends or bridesmaids like, a tequila shoot, give them gifts, a letter of gratitude , something they can wear during the wedding that they can keep and with it remember your wedding, photographer must be ready so just go ahead and do it.

Find a good make up artist, make sure the MUA uses waterproof make up, this is very important so you look radiant during the whole day.

getting ready stage - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie PhotographyGetting ready moment - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photography


Wedding Ceremony

When you book your wedding venue, specially churches, make sure about the restrictions for your photographer, we are happy to work anywhere but It is important that you know the limitations so your expectations are  realistic things.

We do recommend to plan your wedding ceremony  2-3 hours before sunset, this way photographer is able to creatively get different kind of lights, and your gets will be grateful not to melt during the ceremony

Plan to have your photographer all the time with you so the best intimate moments are capture if they happen.

When your wedding package includes photography and videography for your ceremony, instead use them for the cocktail hour while we get bride and Groom portraits,

Working with other photographers and videographers may be obtrusive due to style incomparability even If we both work as a team, let your photographer and videographer to their job freely and you will get the best of them and for your memories.

When wedding party walk down the isle, make sure they walk with enough space, in a regular peace, this way photographer will have time to get a shoot of each one and not one of all of them, wedding party members are usually emotional.

Slide each other rings slow and without hide them, give sometime to guest and photographer to capture the best.

Find a great minister the minister is the heart of a ceremony, Minister has to make you smile and cry when sweet things are happening, they way Minister directs will affect emotionally guests, Bride and Groom this could be decisive for amazing wedding ceremonies.

Bride father crying and Bride smiling moments in weddings - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie PhotographyGroom crying when bride is given by father during the wedding - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photography


Wedding Photo Session

The wedding portraits are an important part of your wedding, give it at  least 1 hour to create them, 2 hours is recommended here in the area hotel are huge and we need some time to get from one spot to another .

Bride and Groom portraits require a lot of patience, tenacity and persistency, just try to enjoy the moment and not understand what your photographer is trying to do.

The best time for family portraits is right after the wedding ceremony when they are all together (parents, brother, sister, grandparents, wedding party). they need to be brief as Bride and Groom Portraits are more important unless you told the photographer otherwise and make sure you let him know with enough time to adjust the photography plan

the best time for Bride and Groom portraits is during the cocktail time or pre reception when possible

wedding portrait picture - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photographywedding creative photo - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photography


Wedding Reception

If photographers are included on the guest list, they will be seated near to the action, this will ensure they are close when some moments may happen, Also photographers will be fed in a timely way . Remeber Food gives energy,she  photographer is energized we are sense aware and  happy we guess that is exactly what you want when it is all about your wedding day.

As much lighted the place is, the better for photography We love uplighting, have candles, lamps, lanterns and flicker lights, also DJ lighting works super! other way you will have a  black background.

A DJ propose the rhythm of the night, the best de DJ is, the best guest enjoy, the best photography is, the best the reception experience is, don’t plug an iPod in a speaker, believe me after more than 800 weddings I know the difference between having a DJ or not.

lighting the wedding reception - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photographywedding Garnet photograph - wedding day tips - By Ivan Luckie Photography



Trash The Dress

Having a shooting after the wedding is another way to get great photos, bride and groom are not stress due to all the activities a wedding involves, when people are relax It reflects in the photos.

A beach first  and  then cenote Trash the dress actually washes the dress, cenote waters are fresh and clean and clear, so dear to use your original wedding dress you wont damage it, you will use the wedding grown again and you will have memorable photos.

underwater wedding photographybeach wedding photo

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Thanks you for reading our wedding tips. Happy wedding planning

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