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Xcaret wedding Photography | Maria + James

One of the most wanted locates for weddings venue is Xcaret, there is no most chased place like this one, If It ware less expensive, they will have the place booked the all year, but for some very lucky like me, we have had the honor to be here, not only on a day off but also working, so here goes the story!

I met Maria and James in El Taj Condos, some months before the wedding, to close the deal for the wedding photography, James as most grooms were so laid off and left all to Maria, as Maria is Argentina we could speak spanish all the time, she felt more confortable that way so I just follow her

I was so surprise that Maria hire me all she could, she told me she loved my work muy photography, my vision! so I really felt that I was going to be able to be more than me when I would shoot the wedding

Xcaret wedding Photography will show mainly moments in EL Taj and Xcaret Natural park where the reception was held, I love the pictures and hope you all like it too!!

Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-1Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-2Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-3Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-4Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-5Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-6Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-7Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-8Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-9Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-10Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-11Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-12Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-13Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-14
Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-22Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-23Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-24Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-25Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-26Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-27Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-28Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-29Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-30Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-31Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-32Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-33Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-34Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-35Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-36Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-37Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-38Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-39Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-40Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-41Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-42Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-43Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-44Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-45Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-46Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-47Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-48Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-49Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-50Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-51Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-52Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-53Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-54Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-55Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-56Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-57Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-58Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-59Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-60Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-61Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-62Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-63Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-64Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-65Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-66Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-67

Some day after for a beautiful and stress free beach trash the dress

Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-15Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-16Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-17Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-18Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-19Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-20Maria+James+Xcaret& El Taj-21

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